Back to Tutorials Index... This is a little Tower Defence game, it is highly inspired from the Bloons Tower Defense games. In this game you place towers to prevent the enemy from reaching its goal. ##Towers The towers are the central thing in this game, because they are what's saving you from hordes of enemies. They can be placed where ever you want (as long as you have the money needed) even on the enemies track, but be aware: they have limited range so if you put them to far away from the track they won't shoot. 1. Monkey The basic tower. It has good range and fast attack speed, thanks of his low price he is a good early game tower. He can be upgraded to a little more power, range and on the highest level he get a powerful catapult. 2. Cannon A expensive but powerful tower. Has a low attack rate but deals AoE damage, what means it deals in a certain area damage to an unlimited amount of enemies. Can be upgraded to more range, explosive power and faster shooting. 3. Wizard monkey While being more expensive, than a standard monkey, this one is able to cast explosive spells(need upgrade)and hit many enemies in a row. Can be upgraded to have more magic power, range and learning explosive magic. ##Balloons The enemies you have to face in this game. Even if they are common balloons you shouldn't underestimate them or you will die soon. Each time you pop one you will get money you need for buying more towers. 1. Red balloons: The first ones you have to face, shouldn't be a big problem. 2. Blue balloons: They contain a red one. 3. Green balloons: They are not that easy any more: They contain a blue one and are faster. 4. Yellow balloons: You might guess it: more speed and a green one. 5. Pink balloons: These ones are really fast now and you know contain a yellow. ##Visual Scene Maker At moment it is not used but i will be used for allowing the monkeys to comment the situation they are in, like:"Omg there are to many balloons", "10 with one shoot" or "SUPPORT!!!! We need support or they will break through", "Its boring where are them?!?". This is how it not should look like: <img src="../images/tutorials/towerdefence.png" />